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QSPI IVT Configuration on secondary pinmux

Question asked by Dave Marples on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by jeremyzhou


I have a QSPI device on the secondary pinmux (AD_B1_00 .. AD_B1_05) which I am booting by putting BOOT_CFG[3:1]=3b111.

How can I set configuration of this device in the IVT? As far as I can see there's no option for setting the secondary pinmux option in the FlexSPI configuration block (Table 8-14 of IMXRT1020RM Rev 1) unless it's somehow connected with the various 'Override' settings ( csPadSettingOverride, sclkPadSettingOverride, dataPadSettingOverride, dqsPadSettingOverride) which are mentioned in that table but then don't receive any further attention anywhere in the document.

Basically, I want to be able to burn an image into a QSPI flash using blhost. I've got blhost up and running now, but I cannot figure out how to specify in the IVT that the flash device is on the secondary mux option.... so I can't use blhosts 'configure-memory' command to switch it into the map.

Any help gratefully received.