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NFC over Pins

Question asked by Jonathan Frech on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by Wigros Sun

Because of restricted space, it would be either possible to create a pcb containing a NFC PCB Antena + Reader frontend and connect to the master board with a pin header (2,45mm -6pin SPI). This soultion would provide very short connection from the NFC-Chip with matching network to the Antenna (only around 1mm).  But because of restrcted space, the antenna would be shrinked by the NFC Chip + Parts


There would be the possibility to use the full pcb space for the antenna, and connect the antenna via a 2.54mm 2-pin Header to another PCB. The size of the Antenna would be nearly doubled then.


But i've read that nfc circuits are problematic in case of inpedance matching between antenna network and antenna.


Is it possible use to connect the antenna via the pins or would it be a big risk / problematic in series production.?