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      [USB-KW41Z] Demo gpio_led_output wont seem to work

Question asked by Cesario Dos Santos on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Estephania Martinez



i'm just getting started with the USB-KW41Z and was trying to get the sample project to blink the LED to work but noting seem to happen. I build it and everything looks good: 


Building target: usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.axf
Invoking: MCU Linker
arm-none-eabi-gcc -nostdlib -Xlinker -Map="" -Xlinker --gc-sections -Xlinker -print-memory-usage -Xlinker --sort-section=alignment -mcpu=cortex-m0plus -mthumb -T usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output_Debug.ld -o "usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.axf" ./utilities/fsl_debug_console.o ./startup/startup_mkw41z4.o ./source/gpio_led_output.o ./source/mtb.o ./source/semihost_hardfault.o ./drivers/fsl_clock.o ./drivers/fsl_common.o ./drivers/fsl_flash.o ./drivers/fsl_gpio.o ./drivers/fsl_lptmr.o ./drivers/fsl_lpuart.o ./drivers/fsl_smc.o ./board/board.o ./board/clock_config.o ./board/pin_mux.o ./CMSIS/system_MKW41Z4.o
Memory region Used Size Region Size %age Used
PROGRAM_FLASH: 9468 B 512 KB 1.81%
SRAM: 8536 B 128 KB 6.51%
Finished building target: usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.axf

make --no-print-directory post-build
Performing post-build steps
arm-none-eabi-size "usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.axf"; # arm-none-eabi-objcopy -v -O binary "usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.axf" "usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.bin" ; # checksum -p MKW41Z512xxx4 -d "usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.bin";
text data bss dec hex filename
9464 4 8532 18000 4650 usbkw41z_kw41z_driver_examples_gpio_led_output.axf

17:52:25 Build Finished (took 9s.586ms)


I then hit debug. Select the the device for JLink to connect to and nothing happens



The debug window says and looks like everything is OK. 


If i hit the reset OpenSDA button or unplug and re-plug in the device the LED with flash for a few seconds before window connects to the device at which point the led goes solid again. This didn't happen before i programmed it. 


Any help would be great,