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FlashTool for MIMXRT1020

Question asked by Dave Marples on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by jeremyzhou

Hi folks,

Having some trouble getting FlashTool to do anything worthwhile under linux Ubuntu 18.10. I do the following with FlashTool for 1020 V1.0;

$ sudo Tools/sdphost/linux/amd64/sdphost -u 0x1fc9,0x0130 -- write-file 0x20000000 Tools/mfgtools-rel/Profiles/MXRT102X/OS\ Firmware/ivt_flashloader.bin
Preparing to send 60415 (0xebff) bytes to the target.
(1/1)1%Status (HAB mode) = 1450735702 (0x56787856) HAB disabled.
Reponse Status = 2290649224 (0x88888888) Write File complete.
$ sudo Tools/sdphost/linux/amd64/sdphost -d -u 0x1fc9,0x0130 -- jump-address 0x20000400
[01 0b 0b 20 00 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00]
<03 56 78 78 56>
Status (HAB mode) = 1450735702 (0x56787856) HAB disabled

...and at this point the device re-enumerates as 0x1fc9.0x0130...i.e. it doesn't transfer control over to the flashloader, but appears to reboot. Adding '-d' to the write-file command generates a lot more output (which all looks sane) but doesn't change the result.

If I try this under Windows it _does_ appear to load and re-enumerate and, indeed, if I retain the contents of the memory and re-boot (to re-enumerate to the simple loader that sdptool communicates with) then the jump-address command does seem to work correctly....from which I suspect it's a 'load' issue rather than a 'go' issue.  I get the same failure-to-boot issue if I run sdptool over the serial link rather than the USB HID one.

The version of sdptool in the 1050 v1.1 tools appears to be the same as in the 1020 v.1.0 tools so I've not bothered trying that. The binary file being transferred is a bit shorter (60415 bytes) than the one shown in AN12238 (90039 bytes) but I re-downloaded the image with no changes.

Any suggestions?  I'm a bit stuck here....