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MMA8652 Z-axis stiction failure

Question asked by Wiputpong Klinsukon on Mar 6, 2019
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We are using MMA8652FCR1 in our wearable product and we have just known that this sensor has ever had a quality problem that Z-axis is stuck at positive (0x7FF0) or negative (0x8000) railed output as discussion in

However, It seem there are some design improvements to eliminate this failure since 2013 as the mention in PCN15581


Recently we found this issue in our product and we are checking with our production team that which manufacturing date/year of the issue MMA8652FCR1.


For my question, I would like to know that whether the current/new production lot of MMA8652 still have this issue and Can I still be confident to use this sensor in my product?


Thank yo very much.