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WinUSB driver for LPC4357

Question asked by S S on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by Bernhard Fink


We are still trying to connect LPC4357 based custom board to Windows host using USB. Again we are using USB0 on the LPC4357 for this connection. After some digging, we got the following link where we could download WInUSB driver for LPC4357.

Initially we tried on the Windows 10 machine and when that machine failed to recognize the USB connection to LPC4357 board we used a Windows 7 host and downloaded the windows USB driver from the above link. Even after updating the driver we get the message “Unknown device” unlike the link mentions “ LPC device”

We get the following messages when we connect the LPC4357 custom board using USB to Windows 7 host.


Device Driver Software was not successfully installed

Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed

Unknown Device               XFailed

Is there some other Windows driver we need? We would like to use Windows 10 host. Do you have  driver for Windows 10?