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Android 6.0 There is a beeping sound while playing a video.

Question asked by RueiChang Chang on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by RueiChang Chang

Hello there,

   I hope you're all doing good. Here I have a weird issue. We porting a wm8962 codec on i.xm6 duallite. We use a UVC camera for snapshot and video recording. And this camera hasn't any DMIC or AMIC.


   We take an Analog MIC to connect the wm8962 for recording audio. I think there is no hardware concern.


   Here is the issue. We use a different kind of Voice Recorder applications to record voice. And Everything is fine. There is no noise or beeping sound while we playback the recording file.


   But after I used a variety of camera applications to film video. Then we can clearly hear there is a beeping sound in my video. It's so weird. I didn't play any audio file while the camera is recording. But the video always has the beeping sound.

   Here I attach a video link for demonstrating this issue.


  Have you guys met this issue before... This issue totally makes me crazy...


My operating environment: 

 CPU i.mx6 duallite

 OS: Android 6.0 (m6.0.1_2.0.0-ga)

  Kernel : 4.1.15



I also attached my wm8962.c for reference.