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DPPA2 dpni object only starts working when pinged from another device on Subnet

Question asked by Rob Hammond on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Yiping Wang

Hi, I am running LSDK 18.12 on LX2160ardb. I have the ramdisk build and also a rootfs ext2 build which I have built using buildroot. This issue happens on both. I have created a dpni and brought the interface up with ifconfig, assigned an IP on same subnet as Laptop. The dpmac.4 is physically connected to a Dell power connect 5524 switch through one of 10G SFP+ ports. I can do the same thing with dpmac.3. Please see attached terminal output from both dev board and laptop. 

The LX2160ardb cannot ping the laptop until the laptop has tried to connect to the board via ssh or pinged the board. Again this is in the terminal output attached.


Any insight to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards