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What is difference between iMX6 Quad and Dual pop package in thermal behaviour??

Question asked by Arun Kumar on Mar 5, 2019
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Is there any difference between iMX6 pop package version of Quad and Dual in thermal behaviour??


I have reffered datasheet, nothing specifically provided as thermal resistance for dual and quad, thermal resistance is commonly provided for Quad and Dual.


What happens to the junction temperature if the iMX6 Quad pop and Dual pop package processors runs with same binary/Application??

Will there be any difference in Junction temperature else it will be same for both Qual and Dual??


I am in confusion as,  I am testing the Dual and Qual pop processors and seeing difference (Quad reaches 75 degree celsius at 50% CPU load and Dual reaches 70 degree celsius at 50% CPU load) in junction temperature of Quad and Dual even both processor runs same application. 


Please provide me clarification if possible. If you want any clarification you can mail me at



M.Arun kumar