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MPC5674F series micro controller output levels

Question asked by Prachi Moghe on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa



I am using NXP MPC5674F series microcontroller (Part number: SPC5674FF3MVY3) in the design.

I have  a query for output voltage levels for this part.

For V.DDEH supply of 5V, V.OH_S and V.OL_S levels are mentioned considering I.OH_S= 11.6mA and I.OL_S= 17.7mA respectively. (Datasheet Rev. 10.1, 06/2015).

Could you please provide these voltage values for current 1mA or less.


Also please consider following method that I am following.

With Vcc=5V

  1. For low level output voltage level (V.ol)

V.OL= 0.2*Vcc = 1V for I.OL= 17.7 mA (from datasheet)

R.OL= V.OL/I.OL= 56.49 Ohm

With R.OL= 56.49 Ohm and current less than or equal to 1mA,

V.OL_1mA= R.OL*1mA= 56.49 mV

 For high level output voltage level (V.oh)

V.OH= 0.8*Vcc = 4V for I.OH= 11.6mA (from datasheet)

R.OH= (Vcc- V.OH)/ I.OH= 86.2 Ohm

With R.OH= 86.2 Ohm and current less than or equal to 1mA,

V.OH_1mA= Vcc - (R.OH* 1mA)= 4.9138 V


Please confirm if this understanding is correct.