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mc9s12xep100 stop mode + API interrupt

Question asked by kang kevin on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Radek Sestak

Hi all,

There is a problem confuse me for a long time. When using MC9S12xep100, I entered the full stop mode with API interrupt enabled. The current consumption is about 2.2mA, but I found the datasheet said like belows:(Table A-14)

yeah, we can see it says the current consumption is about 42 uA, How to make it ?  If I just enter the full stop mode without API enable, the current consumption is about 62 uA. 

Is there anything I haven't noticed or missed? Thank you in advance.


The following is part of the code for reference:

void MCU_EnterFSTPMode(void)
PLLCTL |= 0x80; // set FSTWKP = 1

//MCU enter into full sleep mode
asm ANDCC #0x7F; 
asm STOP;


void API_Init(void)


VREGAPICL |= 0x01; // clear Autonomous Periodical Interrupt Flag VREGAPICL_APIF
VREGAPIR = 4999; // set interval time
VREGAPITR = 0; // initial trim value
VREGAPICL = 0x07; // source of clock, API enable, interrupt enable, clear flag if set



void interrupt 64 API_Interrupt(void)
VREGAPICL |= 0x01; //write 1 to clear VREGAPICL_APIF