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[i.MX6] SDMA Real-Time Debug Outputs

Question asked by Christian Eggers on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Christian Eggers

The SDMA documentation of all i.MX6 controllers mention the existence of a number of Real-Time Debug Outputs:


  • debug_core_state[3:0]
  • debug_yield
  • debug_core_run
  • debug_event_channel_sel
  • debug_event_channel[5:0]
  • debug_pc[13:0]
  • debug_mode
  • debug_bus_error
  • debug_bus_device[4:0]
  • debug_bus_rwb
  • ...


Looking for these signals on the web, Google founds the following page:

Customized NXP Imx6 Manufacturers and Suppliers - Factory Direct Wholesale - MYZR Technology 

According to the table on this page, most (but not all) of the SDMA Real-Time Debug Outputs should be available via ALT4 on CSI0_*, DISP0_* on the initial i.MX6 derivates (Solo, Dual. Quad).


In the reference manuals and in i.MX Pins Tool there is no information about SDMA Real-Time Debug Output on ALT4 of these pins.


Question: On which i.MX6 derivate are the Real-Time Debug Outputs routed to the external pins? On which SOM/SBC can I access these signals via 0.1" pin headers?