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S32K1xx Ver4.0.0-BUG REPORT

Discussion created by Dee Alen on Mar 5, 2019
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When I use this toolbox, I find some bugs that may be report to NXP. 


1. Input_Edge_Capture: "ftm_s32k14_input_edge_capture.tlc" do not add “tm_hw_access.h”, so when I use ftm_s32k14_input_edge_capture block alone, It generate code successfully but can not compile successfully. 



Change ftm_s32k14_input_edge_capture.tlc file, add contents: 



2. Input_Edge_Capture: When I config FTM2 channel 0, it exist exception. 



I can not able to fix this bug, because I do not have acess to change Matlab P-code. 

I add a para to the block, it seem works correctly. But it is strange that FTM1_ch0 & FTM2_ch0 & FTM2_ch1 need a para.