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i.MX6Q SSI with zl38063

Question asked by kane shi on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by cily mo

we used an echo cancellation chip(zl38063) as the sound card for  our i.MX6Q customer board.We are referring to the i.MX6ULL scheme, but this chip uses the SAI interface in i.MX6ULL.

the folowing is imx6ull device tree configuration

zl380-codec {
compatible = "ms,zl38040", "ms,zl38050", "ms,zl38060", "ms,zl38080";
status = "okay";

sound {
compatible = "microsemi,microsemi-dac";
i2s-controller = <&sai2>;


because i.MX6Q does't have a SAI interface,so i changed the SAI to SSI. 

can SSI replace the SAI interface?