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i.MX RT 1060 Production Tool

Question asked by Li-Chin Wang on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by jeremyzhou

(1) imx-itcm-unsigned.bd的內容如下,我需要知道裡面幾個參數分別的用法,分別代表什麼以及設定的規則 ?  (flags/ startAddress/ ivtOffset/ initialLoadSize/ entryPointAddress)


options {

    flags = 0x00;


    # Note: This is an example address, it can be any non-zero address in ITCM region

    startAddress = 0x400;

    ivtOffset = 0x1000;

    initialLoadSize = 0x1000;


    # Note: This is required if the default entrypoint is not the Reset_Handler

    #       Please set the entryPointAddress to the base address of vector table

    entryPointAddress = 0xA000;





(2) 我修改過的內容如下erase 0x60000000..0x60040000,這是根據目前的code size先調大到256kBytesflash空間,我需要知道裡面幾個參數分別的用法,分別代表什麼以及設定的規則 ?  (kAbsAddr_Start / kAbsAddr_Ivt / kAbsAddr_App)


constants {

    kAbsAddr_Start= 0x60000000;

    kAbsAddr_Ivt = 0x60001000;

    kAbsAddr_App = 0x60002000;



# The section block specifies the sequence of boot commands to be written to the SB file

section (0) {


    #1. Prepare Flash option

    load 0xc0000007 > 0x2000;

    # Configure QSPI NOR FLASH using option a address 0x2000

    enable flexspinor 0x2000;


    #2 Erase flash as needed.(Here only 256KBytes are erased, need to be adjusted to the actual size based on users' application)

    #0x40000 = 256kBytes

    erase 0x60000000..0x60040000;


    #3. Program config block

    # 0xf000000f is the tag to notify Flashloader to program FlexSPI NOR config block to the start of device

    load 0xf000000f > 0x3000;

    # Notify Flashloader to response the option at address 0x3000

    enable flexspinor 0x3000;


    #5. Program image

    load myBinFile > kAbsAddr_Ivt;