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Can't watch variables in the data window (sorry, NOOB here)

Discussion created by Timothy Cole on Jan 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2009 by Timothy Cole
I am working on a new project using the 9S08AC128. I have been using the P&E IDE for some time now. I write in Assembly, however, being self-taught, Ieaves me with little doubt that I am not doing this correctly.
I am not "declaring" any variables, but using the EQU statement. (TEMP  EQU  $0081) This has never stopped me from being able to watch the variables in the P&E IDE, but when I try to add the variable in the CW debugger, it tells me that it is an "undefined expression (unknown identifier). Can someone please tell me the correct way to declare the variable, so I can watch it in the CW debugger? Many Thanks....