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Receiving garbage value in Rqueue?

Question asked by Sourabh Jain on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by David Tosenovjan



I am using EQADC_A and EQADC_B. 

I am using CFIFO_1 for transmitting 10 commands from Cqueue to CFIFO through DMA.

I am receiving ADC0 data in RFIFO_1 and ADC1 data in RFIFO_2 and sending this data to Rqueue_1 from RFIFO_1 and Rqueue_2 from RFIFO_2.

So for EQADC_A i am getting the correct result in Rqueue_A_1 from RFIFO_1 and Rqueue_A_2 from RFIFO_2

But for EQADC_B i am getting correct result in Rqueue_B_1 from RFIFO_1 but getting garbage in Rqueue_B_2 which is out of range and also the count is not varying when i vary the voltage range.


As i also checked the result in RFIFO 2 for EQADC_B by reading EQADC_B.RF2R[n].B.RFIFO2_DATAW register so i get the correct output but when this data is stored in Rqueue_B_2 then data not coming properly some garbage value are displayed.


i also checked the DMA configuration for both EQADC A and B which correct.


Can you suggest me the solution?

Why this is happening?