HCS08AW Internal Clock Enabled - Use XTAL and/or EXTAL as GPIO

Discussion created by ride on Jan 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2009 by ride
I am using a MC9S08AW16 48-QFN package with the internal clock generator.  According to the datasheet it would seem that with the internal clock enabled I should be able to use PTG5(XTAL) and PTG6(EXTAL) as GPIO.  I am using Processor Expert to initialize the clock settings.  The CLKS bits of the ICGC1 are set to 01 as desired.  Is there another register somewhere that has to be set properly for these pins to function?  I tried using a PE BitIO bean to make the pins function and also manually setting the PTG registers to get the pins to function as I/O.  I tried setting/clearing REFS and HGO in ICGC to see if that made a difference.
How do I or can I make PTG5 and PTG6 function as GPIO when using the Internal Clock source?
Thanks for any input on this.