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K82 : disable write to AIPS1 and 2

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Mar 1, 2019

Hello !


I would like to disable supervisor write access to AIPS0 and 1 most of the time and enable on the moment when I should

actually configure it with Supervisor privileges.


But it generate BusFault and may be it is not work as I understand.


// Pseudo code

{ &(AIPS0->PACRA), 0x50007000ul }, // Enable Supervisor RW AIPS0
{ &(AIPS1->PACRA), 0x50000000ul }, // Enable Supervisor RW AIPS1


... Enable/Disable peripherals


{ &(AIPS0->PACRA), 0x70007000ul }, //  Supervisor RO AIPS0
{ &(AIPS1->PACRA), 0x70000000ul }, //  Supervisor RO AIPS1


So may be Slot0 in PARCA can't be used for protect AIPSx itself ?


How-to enable/disable write access to AIPS tables ?


Looks like this disabling , lock AIPS forever ?


Or for what reason AIPS slots mentioned in tables ? Just for enable access in User mode ?