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CAN_LDD Init() undefined reference

Discussion created by stefano conegian on Mar 3, 2019
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Hi All,


I'm using  CodeWarrior for MCU, Version: 10.6.4, Build Id:150416 with Cpu of type MK60DN512VMD10
Description: Freescale Kinetis family : MK60 in 144 pin MAPBGA package.

I am using Processor Exports components for various part of my project.

For example, I am using a SPIMaster_LDD without any kinds of problem... as you can see into attached image


Now I need to develop on my board a CAN serial communication component.

Using CAN_LDD, created with PE, when I build my project, I have the following link error:


C:\CFD_Projects\Prod\SM_CFDB0\S251R0_Fnet_Release/../Sources/Serial/canbusProt.c:53: undefined reference to `CANBUS_PROT_Init(void*)'


I use CAN_LDD component with Interrupt enable and CANBUS_PROT is the name of my CAN_LDD component.


Note that I have precompiled and build the BSP library without problems. The linker doesn't see the functions produced by BSP PE build (Init, ReadFrame, SendFrame ecc.)


Thanks in advance for your answers!