Patrick Pan

Tips: how to decrease front-porch period of polling after ZED wakes up

Discussion created by Patrick Pan Employee on Mar 1, 2019

It is reported that ZED of JN5169 has long front-porch period (RX is enabled) before polling (TX becomes activated) after ZED wakes up . Please refer to following snapshot in which the front-porch period is selected and highlighted as Orange/Amber.



Please use following way to decrease this long front-porch period  :

1)  add  #include "mac_pib.h" in AN

2)  add  MAC_vPibSetMinBe(NULL, 1); in initial part of AN


The second parameter of MAC_vPibSetMinBe can be changed to 2,3...etc according to real environment , 

but 1 will make the shortest front-porch period .