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problem of 9s12dp512 memory map?

Discussion created by zheng xuguang on Jan 17, 2009
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hi all
    dp512 has the following on chip resource:  1K register; 4K eeprom; 14K ram; 512K flash; where two 16K unpaged flash is located at $4000 ~ $7fff and $c000 ~ $ffff. and the reset address space for register is $0000 ~ $03ff ; eeprom is $0000 ~ $0fff ; ram $0800 ~ $3fff. priority is register > ram > eeprom > flash.
    so after reset the available space for register is 1K($0000~$3ff) ; ram 14K ($800 ~ $3fff) ; eeprom 1K ($400 ~ $7ff), but i want to fully use of 4K eeprom and 14K ram , so i have to remap the memory map of eeprom and ram space.
    ram space  extended to  next 16K address space ($4000 ~ $7fff) , according to the priority of on chip resource, the unpaged flash block ( $4000 ~ $7fff ) is overlapped.
    my question is: if  the unpaged flash block ( $4000 ~ $7fff ) is overlapped, does that mean i can not place any application code to that area? if it is right, is there any method that can use the overlapped flash areas?