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I'm not sure how to go about this, the JTAG device is not being detected

Question asked by Aditya Prabhu on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by Bernhard Fink

I'm using the LPC4370-FET100 MCU on a NHS3100 development board. 


I've followed the instructions to debug the example 'blinky' project given on the IDE user guide pdf, but I'm facing the error where the JTAG device is not found. 

The debug emulator was automatically found in the previous step: LPC-LINK2 CMSIS-DAP V5.173


The blinky project was downloaded from LPCOpen for the the 4370 mcu. 


I have attached a snippet of the issue to this post. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. I don't have too much experience with interfacing microcontrollers, and it's been a while working with one.