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MCU Core Self Test - S32K144 freescale

Question asked by Swapnil Misal on Mar 1, 2019
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I am working on MCU core self test functionality for freescale S32K144 series. I have user manual, object files and include files with me which comes in installation folder of NXP. In user manual I came across following details regarding Interrupts handling :


To support MCU core self test execution, the SCST library includes its own interrupt
vector table. When one of such tests is to be executed, the SCST library replaces the
application / OS vector tables after which all the interrupts directed to the SCST specific one.
The SCST specific ISRs first recognize whether exception condition was triggered by the
SCST library and if not, determines matching application ISR, and passes execution control to it.


As I have integrated only object files in my code and I don't have source code, so I have a doubt that, how SCST library will determine matching ISR and how it will pass the control to it?

Please guide me through this with more details.