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use USART for application and USB CDC for debug console in LPC54018 module +AWS

Question asked by Nick Ng on Feb 28, 2019
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I am using the LPC54018 IOT wifi module + base board with the AWS  demo. My target is to use the USB CDC as the debug console and use USART0 ( via jumper P4 on the base board) with DMA for other application.


Are there any guideline to instruct me the correct marco configurations?

I am able to use USB_CDC as the debug console. 

However, when I  tried to copy the code in the example ,cmsis_usart_dma , from the MCUXpresso LPC54018 SDK to do the implementation of the USART0 for other application. But without luck.  It seems that the library version in AWS and the version in SDK are not the same.

For example, I don't see any RTE_Device.h in the AWS demo code.  

Please help!



My LPC54018 SDK  version 2.5.0, CMSIS: V5.1 ,  fsl_usart version V2.0.3

AWS demo CMSIS versiom : V5.0 , fsl_usart version V2.0.1



Thanks in advance,