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1Mb CAN bus with i.MX7Dual rev 1.3

Question asked by Uri Mashiach on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2019 by Uri Mashiach



I'm using 1Mbit CAN bus with i.MX7Dual.


1Mbit communication is not functional with SOC revision 1.3.

Problem description:

  • Only the transmission  side is affected, listen only mode is functional.
  • Lower speeds are functional.
  • The problem is not detected with SOC revision 1.2.
  • Relevant pin-mux configuration:

            MX7D_PAD_I2C3_SCL__FLEXCAN2_RX        0x59
            MX7D_PAD_I2C3_SDA__FLEXCAN2_TX        0x59


Is it a know issue?