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NXQ1TXH5 configuration for Tx coil Wurth 760308101103

Question asked by César Ramírez on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by César Ramírez

Hello all,


we have developed our wireless charger based on NXQ1TXH5 following AN11775 and it works perfectly with coil WT-505090-10K2-A11-G (TDK) and R8 47K. Indeed, I have tested it with several mobiles and works properly.

I would like considerate Tx coil Wurth 760308101103, but after replacing the coil and changing R8 to 82K, it doesn't work. For some second it tries to init the procces but finally it marks fault. I have tried disconnect SPR, SPL, FOD_E and FOD_T, but no results. Is any additional change necessary? Is Wurth 760308101103 compatible for charging standard mobiles?


The schematic is the same than application note one.


Thanks in advance.