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[IMX8MQ] Android video play issue on portrait mode

Question asked by Kobe Bryant on Feb 27, 2019
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OS: Android 9, Android 8.1

Kernel: 4.14.78, 4.9.88


I got an issue on video play including custas player and aosp default player, because my mipi-dsi panel is a portrait panel, and I already rotate 90 degrees on the system when boot, but video play still landscape mode as below picture..


And I also try to modify OMXPlayer HAL layer or framework libstagefright to force rotate 90 degrees to video player but the results still strange...↓↓↓↓



So I think the 1st picture seems like the video to be scaling, and 2nd picture is the standard portrait mode video (but I'm in landscape mode), so anybody knows how to force rotate 90 degrees no matter modify HAL or framework? I need help, thanks!