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QN908x ADC setup for PA00

Question asked by Ankur Rathi on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Ankur Rathi

I am using adc basic demo example code from SDK_2.x_QN908XCDK.
In this example code, the voltage is measured on PA08 but I want to measure across PA00.
I have modified the following code to measure voltage across PA00:
#define DEMO_ADC_CHANNEL 8 to 0
#define PIN0_IDX                         0u   /*!< Pin number for pin 0 in a port */
const uint32_t portA_pin0_config = (
    IOCON_FUNC1 |                                            /* Selects pin function 1 */
    IOCON_MODE_HIGHZ |                                       /* Selects High-Z function */
    IOCON_DRIVE_LOW                                          /* Enable low drive strength */
  IOCON_PinMuxSet(IOCON, PORTA_IDX, PIN0_IDX, portA_pin8_config);

I tried to measure voltage across PA09-PA11 and I get correct value by modifications in the code wrt GPIO.
But, when I try the same with PA00 or with PA01, PA04 and PA05, I always gets the wrong value.
I tried with some modifications on adcConfigStruct and  adcSdConfigStruct, but to no success.
What is the difference between those set of pins and is their any different configuration for these pins.


I am using QN9080DK-V1.3 development board or this dev board has different setup for those pins.