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S32k148: Debug Flash and Debug Ram

Question asked by saad saeed on Feb 26, 2019
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I am using s32k148 board. I have open and example project lwip_s32k148. By default the configuration which is set for debugging is Debug_RAM. The snapshot of project setting at default are given below

Now, I had a requirement that I had to use the .BIN file of my project and burn it directly using 'JLINK Segger' application. For that I created a binary by going in to project settings and changing the project settings to Debug_Flash (active) and enabling the Create flash image. The image is shown below

   After Clicking OK, I again went into project settings select the S32DS Create Flash Image tab in where i choose the     output file format to Raw_Binary. I clicked OK, build the project and the binary was created in the Debug_FLASH folder  by the name of lwip_s32k148.bin. I used this binary, flash this using the JLINK Segger application and everything went perfectly fine. Now the problem is when I want to debug my project using S32 design studio, revert my configuration again to Debug_Ram and debug using lwip_s32k148 DEBUG_FLASH_jlink. My application is not running. I use to debug the application the same way I used to debug the application before.

Help would be appreciated.