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I am in trouble with the digital filter of KM Family's MKM14Z64ACHH 5

Question asked by jun yamada on Feb 25, 2019
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I am using KM Family's MKM14Z64ACHH 5.

I used ports G1 to 4 as input ports and filtered by software.
(It is sampled at the 1 ms cycle and the state is confirmed 10 times in the same state)

This worked with this, but when I saw the manual I learned that there is a function of the digital glitch filter.

After the initial port setting of the above software, the following function was added.

static void boardGlitchInit(void)
port_digital_filter_config_t config = { 10, kPORT_LpoClock }; // 10 times, 1kHz LPO clock.

PORT_EnablePinsDigitalFilter(PORTG, 0x0000001E, false);

PORT_SetDigitalFilterConfig(PORTG, &config);

PORT_EnablePinsDigitalFilter(PORTG, 0x0000001E, true);


However, it does not filter. We will also capture signals below 10 ms.

As for the question,
· Can the MKM14Z64ACHH5 use the digital filter function? (Where do you write?)
· 1 kHz LPO clock is enabled after reset and does not it have to be initialized?
· Is something missing?


Please someone please help me.
Nice to meet you.