How to check the firmware version of preprogrammed PN7120 IC

Discussion created by ANJU H V on Feb 24, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Jonathan Iglesias

We are using PN7120 NFC controller for our project. The proof of concept was carried out using OM5577/PN7120ARD evaluation kit from NXP. Recently we made our own custom PCB and started the testing. We have the requirement of reading type 2 and type 4 NFC tags. However, we see that, type 4 tags are not being detected on our custom board. Trying various combinations, we replaced PN7120 on the evaluation kit with the PN7120 chip we had procured and surprisingly, it was showing the same performance as in custom board i.e not detecting type 4 tags. To firm the findings, we mounted the IC from the evaluation kit to our custom board and it detected type 4 tags as well. To support the finding, we need to understand what is the change between the ICs, like any firmware revisions as these come pre-programmed. For this we wanted to take logs on the terminal, for which we need to go to /usr/local/etc/ and open libnfc-nxp-init.conf file and enable all the variables which have been written with zero to 0x03. This would enable all the Logs on the Terminal.

But the problem is usr/local/etc/ path is empty. We are unable to find libnfc-nxp-init.conf.

Has anyone faced similar issues.

Any workarounds please..