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Question asked by Lei Zhou on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Lei Zhou

by some MCUs as i start new project from template there are .s files generated in "Startup_code" for initializing and jump into main, like MPC5777 and S32K144. But for the new types which i'm using now, only startup_xxxx.c and system_xxxx.c are generated and they refer to the __START in a library file like __arm_start.c for jumping into main entrance. The problem is i'm trying to make a sample project with Tri-Core-MCU and Single ELF file, sure there is no available example for Single ELF, and without this startup.s it's not able to specify the respective main functions for each core(main0, main1, main2). How can i get deal with such hardware related startup.s? Would like to have some hint. Thx in advance.