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S32K144 run abnormally

Question asked by 杨 哲 on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by 杨 哲

I have a project using S32K144 and SDK. Sometimes the program will run abnormally. The frequency of abnormal operation is not very high. Sometimes it may occur once in a few hours, sometimes it may occur once in dozens of hours. The phenomena are repeated interrupts in FTM timers (or other unknown interrupts), and the interval between interrupts in FTM timers is normal, but all the code in main function stops executing. It is not clear where the program is running and whether it has entered other unknown interrupts (my program does not open other unknown interrupts).


I would like to ask the following two questions:
1. Is it possible that I enabled the clock of unused peripherals to cause the exception? (There is a spare UART interface in my program. I set the pin configuration to enable the clock of the peripheral, but I did not initialize the peripheral.)
2. Is there any other reason that may lead to this anomaly?


In addition, what is the reason why the peripheral clock enabling settings of RTM2.0.0 clock components cannot be modified? Each time the S32DS software is opened, the software automatically modifies the component's peripheral clock to enable it to a specific state.

At present, I have used the old version of SDK to modify the peripheral clock enabling settings, disable the unused peripheral clock enabling, and are testing.