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NHS3100: How to make the tlogger secure?

Question asked by Steve Wald on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Dries Moors

We are using the NHS3100. We know there are products better suited, but for now we are stuck with this part. We want to extend the tlogger firmware and App functionality to make the logging more secure over the mission of the tag.


  1. We would like to at least ensure that a) the firmware is protected from prying eyes, b) that we can configure the tag's mission in a way that the configuration cannot be altered until complete, and c) that we can authenticate the integrity of the data log at mission completion at least to some reasonable degree.
  2. The 3100 has no hardware support for encryption, but we have developed software encryption which could be used. We need to know more about the interaction between the tags and the readers in a crypto-secure environment to keep the temperature log unaltered by unauthorized means.
  3. The document FTF-MHW-N1980 mentions AES and passwords in connection with access control for NHS3100 on slide 63, but gives few details. How might this be done?
  4. There are Lock and Protect bits in the flash, but we cannot find out how to exercise them. There is nothing in the SDK, and no hint of functions to work with them. Is there a document to explain the access and mapping of these bits?