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Can we store hex data through UART into flash and RUN it from that particular location

Question asked by Keerthana R on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Hui_Ma
I am trying to store my hex file in another sector of the flash memory i.e (0x00050000) I want to store a hex file at different sector of the flash and to change the execution point to that address through my bootloader. I am able store and change the address through the MCUExpress IDE. Now i want achieve the same without using the IDE.

Through IDE:-
I have flashed the .hex file at 0x00050000 and i'm changing the execution pointer to this address through MCUExpress IDE settings. At 0x00000000 i have my boot loader code which changes the execution point to 0x00050000.

When i write the .hex file(Some data)(Image 2) content at the location 0x00050000 , i observe that the stored hex data at the address is different . I checked it through flash magic. My data is being displayed in the ASCII region rather than the Hex region of the display memory in flash magic.

                                  Hex Data and its format through flash

                                       The Hex Data and its ascii form when observed through flash.


                                Hex data when written through the application code


                           Hex data when written through the application code is being converted to some format.


So how to copy the hex into flash through application code ? Is there any conversion happens while flashing the hex file?