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Autosar MCAL CW Compiler

Question asked by yunus karamavus on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Mehmet Karadeniz

Dear Engineers. We are automotive electronic company. Our customers want Autosar and E2E (End to End). Because of this request we want to upgrade our microcontroller as MPC574xG. But our team leader want to compile before the purchase the devkit and ucontroller. We have problem with compiling. We cannot purchase at the begining GHS, DIAB. But when I look in to the make file and launch.bat I can able to compile with CodeWarrior. Then I try to compile with -cw command the compiler give error "make/cw/build_cfg.mak". I look in to example project "MPC574XG_MCAL4_0_RTM_1_0_5_Sample_Application" there is no config file for CW compiler. Can you help us the compile the example project without any payment. 


Best Regards.