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I2C on KEA128 SCL clock

Question asked by Hani Samara on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by Hani Samara

Hello all, 


i am trying to use the I"C module on the KEA128. I set the baud rate to be ca. 357 kbps but if i measure the SCL line i get something like 312 kbps!! 

my setting: 

Bus frequency: 20 MHz

I2C0_F = 0x11 -> SCL divider=56 and MULT = 1


from datasheet:

I2C baud rate = I2C module clock speed (Hz)/(mul × SCL divider)

so the baud rate = 20Mhz/(1*56) = 357 kbps


but the measured SCL gives 312 kbps!!


did i miss anything to set? or is there anything that iam doing wrong? 


thank you in advance