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CLRC663 NFC Reader Library

Question asked by AI KE on Feb 21, 2019
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CLRC663 hardware connection mode is SPI

CLRC663 hardware connection mode is SPI 





Red box

The code in the red box as shown in the figure has encountered a problem.
The code provided by NXP.Hello, the problem is this: the original solution
was STM32+RC663. All functions are normal.
Now it is changed to the solution of CC2640+RC663, which can be used as a
card reader to read data of a TAG and write data to the tag. There is a
problem with calling the activation card function:

       / / activate card function
       status = phpalSli15693_ActivateCard(&palSli, bOption, bFlags,
                                                                    bAfi, pMask, bMaskLength,
                                                                    &bDsfid, pUid, &bMoreCardsAvaliable);

Every time this function is called, CC2640 (Microcontrollers) will crash, it doesn’t work.
If this function of the activation card is blocked, there will be no problem.
because the UID of the tag must be obtained by activating this function of the card,
this function of the activation card directly calls the code of NXP,  I don't know how

to solve this problem.              

1.Find only the script in serial mode, and want the simple operation register in SPI mode

to get the reference code of UID.

2. Want to know if NXP has a simple protocol command document for registers, so you

can write your own code to get the UID of the tag.
3, whether this activation function takes up memory and has a large array, causing the
Microcontrollers(CC2640) to crash, or it can be solved by modifying the code in this function.
Look forward to your reply.