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LPC546xx mismatch between SDK and UM10912 static and dynamic memory region

Question asked by Daniel Gull on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Daniel Gull

Hi NXP community


I am using LPC546xx and have found a mismatch between the SDK 2.5.0 and User Manual UM10912 concerning static and dynamic memory regions depending on Cip Select:


Static Memory Chip Select Base address

CS0: 0x8000'000 (UM10912) vs 0x8000'0000 (SDK)

CS1: 0x8800'000 (UM10912) vs 0x9000'0000 (SDK)

CS2: 0x9000'000 (UM10912) vs 0x9800'0000 (SDK)

CS3: 0x9800'000 (UM10912) vs 0x9C00'0000 (SDK)


Dynamic Memory Chip Select Base address

CS0: 0xA000'000 (UM10912) vs 0xA000'0000 (SDK)

CS1: 0xA800'000 (UM10912) vs 0xB000'0000 (SDK)

CS2: 0xB000'000 (UM10912) vs 0xC000'0000 (SDK)

CS3: 0xB800'000 (UM10912) vs 0xD000'0000 (SDK)


Which one is the correct one? SDK or User Manual?