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How to load the MCAL example correctly?

Question asked by 何纯 陈 on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Diana Batrlova

Dear support team:


     When i load the MCAL example project <S32K14X_CSEC_MCAL4_2_RTM_1_0_1_Sample_Application> and try to load configuration, Tresos show  errors, see below picture.


   According the error information, It indicates the MCAL version error. For example the MCU driver, the example code need Mcu_TS_T40D2M10I2R0, but the latest version of  MCU driver I got is Mcu_TS_T40D2M10I1R0. Could you give me some advice on the problem?


    Installation information:

    MCAL: S32K14X_MCAL4_2_RTM_P4_HF2_1_0_1 & S32K14X_CSEC_MCAL4_2_RTM_1_0_1

    Tresos: Studio 23.0.0 B170330-0431