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USB TAP CCS Protocol Adapter error

Discussion created by Emanuele Ziglioli on Jan 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2009 by Emanuele Ziglioli
CodeWarrior: 7.1
CPU: MCF54452

Hi everyone,

sometimes CodeWarrior fails to connect to the USB TAP in Debug Mode.
It seems to start normally but when I hit the break button, a pop up windows says:
"ColdFire CCS Protocol Adapter : Failed to stop the process"

That happens randomly, maybe once every 5 times. Has someone experienced the same nuisance and maybe found a solution?

I'm debugging off external RAM. The FREESCALE_USB-TAP settings are the following:

Connection Type: USB-TAP BDM
Use default Serial Number: enabled
CCS timeout: 10
Interface Clock Frequency: 5.120 MHz
Reset Target on Launch: Enabled

Thank you again,