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Pins and Clocks on a KDS imported Project

Question asked by João Ribeiro on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Erich Styger



First of all I should take a moment to show my appreciation to the tutorial on migrating KDS to MCUXpresso ( MCUXpresso IDE: Importing Kinetis Design Studio Projects | MCU on Eclipse). It was very helpful on transporting from an existing project to the new MCUXpresso. It was spot on and the code is working now. So thank you


But on this sequence, having now a running KDS project on MCUXpresso, I was wondering on the ways to fully use the abilities of the MCUXpresso with my KDS old project. More specifically on using Pins and Clock that MCUXpresso adds in as a very good tool. So questions are:

  • Is there any chance to have a tool that reads the current code and imports all the pins and cloks to the MCUXpresso Pins and clocks? I believe that my KDS project did not have Processor Expert.
  • If not, is there any tutorial on good practices for organizing and importing old code (from KDS) to MCUXpresso and all its tools?


Thank you very much for the help