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Can not run RPMSG pingpong demo app in imx8qxp

Question asked by Tung Nguyen Thanh Employee on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2019 by Joan Xie

Hi all,


 I am trying to run the ping-pong application on imx8qxp with core A35 run linux version 4.9.88-05083 and core M4 run RTOS version 2.5.1. 

In Uboot console I implement following below step:

- fatload mmc 1:1 0x88000000 rpmsg_lite_pingpong_rtos_linux_remote.bin

- dcache flush

- bootaux 0x88000000

(it shows log:     RPMSG Ping-Pong FreeRTOS RTOS API Demo...

                          RPMSG Share Base Addr is 0x90010000)

- boot (to boot linux console)

In Linux console I insert module:

- insmod imx_rpmsg_tty.ko

- insmod imx_rpmsg_pingpong.ko

And run 'ls /dev' command. but I don't see " ttyRPMSG " device file in "dev" folder.

Could anyone has any suggestion to fix this Issue?

Many Thanks,