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imx6ull usdhc2 not working by SDK2 

Question asked by Alven WU on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by igorpadykov

I am trying to port the file system including the MMC driver in sdk2 to freertos system.  However , when we use usdhc2  connect to the MMC5.1 chip, we call the MMC_Init to do the initialization. 

the step is 1.after the host initialization , we send CMD0 to reset the bus , seems it works.  here is the function:

 /* Send CMD0 to reset the bus */
    if (kStatus_Success != MMC_GoIdle(card))
        return kStatus_SDMMC_GoIdleFailed;

and after sending a command , it could also enter into interrupt.


but the second command,  it doesnot work. after sending the command , it could not get the response and therefore could enter into interrupt handler, and then keeping waiting for the completion of transfer.

/* Hand-shaking with card to validata the voltage range Host first sending its expected
    if (kStatus_Success != MMC_SendOperationCondition(card, 0U))
        return kStatus_SDMMC_HandShakeOperationConditionFailed;


could anyone give me some indications?  all the code are from official NXP SDK2 package.