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Use QN9080 DK as HCI dongle

Question asked by Emilien WINGERT on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by Estephania Martinez



I'm currently working on a project involving the QN9080 DevKit, which should behave as a BLE dongle (transceiver). The Host Stack would be running on a Linux based external processing unit, so the firmware to be flashed in the QN9080 only needs to implement the standard HCI transport layer and the Controller tasks.


As far as I know, the demo example "hci_black_box" should behave as expected. Will this example be compatible with the current version of the Linux stack BlueZ ?


All my attempts to attach a QN9080DK flashed with hci_black_box to my Linux bluetooth configuration have failed so far. (I use a USB to UART connector plugged on the FC0_RX and FC0_TX pins of the QN9080DK, and plugged in my PC, device is /dev/ttyUSBx, baudrate 115200)


I might be doing something wrong, or misunderstanding the purpose of this example. If so, please let me know


Thanks in advance.

Emilien WINGERT.