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Stay quiet example for ICODE SLIX2?

Question asked by Adam Heinrich on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by pan ym

Hello, I need to read UIDs of all Type V tags in front of the reader. I have extended the NfcrdlibEx5_ISO15693 example and changed PHAC_DISCLOOP_CONFIG_TYPEV_DEVICE_LIMIT and PHAC_DISCLOOP_CFG_MAX_VICINITY_CARDS_SUPPORTED which works.


However, sometimes I only see a subset of tags (or even only one of them tags) so the results are not very consistent. So I would like to use the STAY QUIET command to temporarily disable tags which have been already detected. Could you please provide some example code for that? I tried phpalSli15693_Sw_StayQuietPersistent() but it returned error code ending with 0x80 which is the "Starting number of custom error codes".


DEBUG_PRINTF("\nType V / ISO 15693 / T5T Detected!\n");
for (size_t i = 0; i < wNumberOfTags; i++) {
   /* Print UID */
   DEBUG_PRINTF ("\nUID %u: ", i);
   phApp_Print_Buff(pDiscLoop->sTypeVTargetInfo.aTypeV[i].aUid, 0x08);

   status = phacDiscLoop_Sw_Int_ActivateV(pDiscLoop, i);

   status = phpalSli15693_Sw_StayQuietPersistent(pDiscLoop->pPalSli15693DataParams);


Thank you!


Adam Heinrich