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LPC1788 and SDRAM 512Mbit structured as 4 Meg x 32 bits x 4 banks

Discussion created by Nico Aprile on Feb 19, 2019
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I'm using an external SDRAM connected to the LPC1788FDB208 microcontroller. As SDRAM I chose (and unfortunately already bought many pieces) the IS42S32160F-7TLI model (  ). This model is a 512Mbit SDRAM structured as 4Mx32x4 (4 Meg x 32 bits x 4 banks). Reading the LPC17xx user manual I seem to understand that the LPC17_xx family doesn't support the 512Mbit SDRAM structured as 4M x 32 x 4 banks, is this correct? Did I well understand? If yes (the LPC17_xx family doesn't support the 4M x 32 x 4 banks configuration) is it possible to use my 512 Mbit SDRAM as a 256 Mbit? If yes, how do I have to configure the DINAMICCONFIG0 register? 


Many thanks