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USB Detection of K22DN512VLH5 Device to PC

Question asked by Analogics Tech India Limited on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Hui_Ma

Hello Everyone ,


          We are using MK22DN512VLH5  50 MHz  in our custom board , Used USB Device CDC Vcom example from to build the application and Boot loader , The issue i am facing is the detection of custom board with Windows PCs.


                                 It is Detected correctly as Virtual Com Port in few PCs using the INF file provided with the SDK , It is detecting in Windows 10-64 bit and 32 bit ,In windows 7-32 bit Pcs we are facing problem , it is detecting properly in few and in other PCs it is showing as USB Device Unkown . In Windows Xp also we are facing the same issue .

Doubting our application and boot loader  we have tried flashing the custom board with the direct example provided in the SDK and it is the same . it shows Unknown USB device .


                     what could be the potential reason for this inconsistency of USB detection on various windows platforms .

Could there be any issue with the hardware ?

Any suggestions regarding this issue will be of great help .

I have attached the Inf file we used with this post , anticipation a solution .


Thanks and Regards .