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K64 SRAM Use

Discussion created by ahmed hrabi on Feb 19, 2019
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Hi Everyone,


I am working on the K64 and I have some questions about the use of SRAM. I already consulted the links below, but I still have some ambiguities:


   1-When i have done a memcpy of a buffer from SRAM_U to SRAM_L the system crashed.


   2-The Cortex M4 ref Manual mentionned that the SRAM section starts from the adress 0x20000000 and can have    0.5GB as size:


   So why we don't use a unique sram block of 256Kb starting from 0x20000000 ?


   3-Can i use the totality of the SRAM_U and SRAM_L ? There's no risks? (apart misaligned variable declaration of course)



Best Regards.